Benefits, Applications & features


*Two Options:

*Option A:
Licensed GC can build your ADU or Starter Home for you at reduced building cost.

*Option B: SAVE even more MONEY on LABOR. You build the ADU or Starter Home your-self DIY. Complete step by step blue prints, "Teach a man to fish"

*SUNSHINE Cottage Homes enables lower wage earners or anyone whom wishes to downsize their living space, lower their total mortgage debt, lower their mortgage payment, energy bills and carbon foot print.   

*Ten personal customization features available to make each SUNSHINE Cottage Home uniquely yours.

*Construction, mortgage financing referrals available.

*SUNSHINE Cottage Home Model A,B, C, D, building materials are sourced through and delivered directly to your building site by any one of the closest U.S. based 4,436 home improvement centers.

*SUNSHINE Cottage Homes are "Smart Home" IoT enabled.

*Why SUNSHINE Cottage Homes will also help to Save Our Only Homeplanet earth, for future generations to come.

*All SUNSHINE Cottage Homes are delivered directly to the build site within days of order anywhere in North America.

*Your building site can be prepared concurrently in advance of your SUNSHINE Cottage Home delivery saving you even more time.   

*Land, excavation, permits, system hook up, labor etc not included in model pricing.  

*We don't provide land or foundation materials.

*All SUNSHINE Cottage Homes models will be pre-approved by your city building & planning departments prior to us processing any orders in your city.

*No architect to locate, interview, hire & design home. No engineer to locate, interview, hire & certify home plans.

*You also save months & hundreds of hours selecting hundreds of parts skus, materials, colors, fixtures & appliances, receiving & deciding on multiple quotes from multiple suppliers & general contractors GC.

*Lastly, you won't have to spend months, hundreds of hours going back and forth with your city building and planning department officials . . . We do all this for you.

*Four Models / Four Market Applications:

*1) ADU. 2) Starter Homes on own lot. 3) SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™  Community for lower wage earners. 4) SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™ Community for our homeless neighbors. 

*How we are able to ship our SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™ to more people, faster at the lowest prices*

*All SUNSHINE Cottage Homesare thoughtfully engineered with cross over multiple market applications, which greatly benefits the builder - GC and the end user. We employ an efficiently designed and sustainable home, that is lower priced and that can be delivered fast to multiple build sites simultaneously via 2,240 home improvement stores throughout north america. In addition, our homes are much faster and easier to build, all because predictable redundancy and "mussel memory" are engaged in each phase of the order, delivery, building and permitting process. All SUNSHINE Cottage Homes incorporate the exact same design, materials, appliances and fixtures skus, which results in great benefits to the end user in the form of much lower home prices that are achieved through economies of scale savings that are all passed on directly to our customers* 

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Special Features Offered:

*SUNSHINE Cottage HomesAdvantage - All Models Have These Features:

1) Wood grain laminate floors in kitchen great room / bedroom.

2) Liberal supply of double pain windows throughout.

3) Light enhanced, glass insert entrance "man door".

4) Toxic absorbing interior paint additive.

5) Wall, door & window molding throughout.

6) IoT enabled mobile app entrance door lock, lighting, smoke CO2 detector.

7) Liberal supply power outlets & USB charging ports throughout.

8) LED ceiling lighting with dimmers throughout.

9) Interior white plantation blinds window coverings throughout.

10) Exterior entrance window shutters.

11) Exterior entrance window planter shelf.

12) Composite shingle roofing.

13) Ten Exterior / interior options to customize your home.

14) Complete full size bathroom with 36" wide entry doorway.

15) Stack washer / dryer.

16) Full size energy star appliances.

17) Extra tall kitchen cabinets.

18) Broom mop / pantry closet.

19) Granite counter tops / subway tile back splash in kitchen & bathroom.

20) Eleven-foot interior / textured ceilings.

21) Bathroom classic white pattern water resistant vinyl floor.

22) Exterior entrance window awnings.

23) Front door entry covered porch.

24) Rain / chain drip gutters.

25) All models designed to add optional living space Model D-468,  Room Kit™. 

26) Option to upgrade to superior fire, earthquake resistant, FRAMECAD steel framing. Assembly Video.

27) Option to upgrade to TESLA Powerwall, solar, power off grid power electric system.

28) We price our SUNSHINE Cottage Homes at cost plus minimum profit margin, and at Below market appraised values, ensuring our customers receive 100% New home equity from day one at move in.



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We are a seller of sunshine cottage home™ (kits):

Our business model:

Our unique business model operates as a whole-seller and customer direct retailer of pre-engineered SUNSHINE Cottage Home™ (kits). We bring our products to market two ways. First, via license agreements with select and vetted, reputable General Contractors (GC). The licensed GC would re-sell the SUNSHINE Cottage Home™ directly to the end user at guaranteed, low retail prices. In addition, the licensed GC can also provide the end user with the option to build the SUNSHINE Cottage Home™ at fees 40% below market average. We sell our SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™ in thousands of communities throughout the U.S. Mexico & Canada.  We also sell our SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™ directly to the end user whom could choose to either build the SUNSHINE Cottage Home™ them-self or hire their own preferred local GC to build it for them.

*We can deliver THOUSANDS of SUNSHINE Cottage Homes™ per month*

*We can generate THOUSANDS OF JOBS in thousands of communities*

*We can deliver NEW homes at the LOWEST prices FASTER than ANYONE*

*We enable FAMILIES to build their own home and SAVE even more MONEY*